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"Prelude is an unforgettable thriller about the afterlife—impossible to put down. This riveting mystery about the greatest of all mysteries is an unexpected treasure. Told from alternating perspectives, the ensuing story is an epic referendum on death that defies easy categorization (let’s call it a legal thriller with metaphysical overtones). In the end, Prelude is, above all, unlike any book you’ve ever read." Read Full Review.

Lisa J.

"Wow, I wanted a quiet easy read and ended up with the most thought provoking book I have ever read. With a storyline that delves into the deepest darkest idea of reincarnation and the law. This is an unmissable read."

Kimberly F.

"One of the best books I have read this year. Hard to put down once you start reading. Complex, entertaining and thoughtfully written."


Shamara Tamara P.


"Yes, this is the book to read, and a great way to pass time. I know for sure this book will stick to your hands like crazy glue. Enjoy!!!"

Pam T.

"This is a thought provoking story embracing mortality, teaching the purpose of life and focusing on past life regression together with a roller coaster of a ride with twists and turns all rolled into a novel."


Margaret H.

"This was a thought provoking and compelling book. Fiction based in truth, it examines many of the ridiculous constraints that now govern medicine, the foremost what is best for the patient may be unconventional, and not particularly popular with the mainstream, but is extremely effective. The reincarnation theme complements what I believe and was presented scientifically (if you care to research) and realistically. The characters were well developed, real, and even when on opposing sides in a courtroom, likable. I will definitely read this again and have recommended it to many."

Patty P.

"Imaginative, well-written, gripping this book is a must read. There is no way to review this novel without giving away the plot so suffice it say, buy yours today and pick up copies for friends and relatives. It is headed to be one of the blockbuster books of our time. I warn you, once you read the first words you won't be able to put it down."


Bernie M.

"The plot is stimulating and pulsing with intrigue. This book got me to thinking more about my own fate and the destiny of my own soul. Highly recommend this book to those who think about the meaning of life and about what comes before and after. Gripping, insightful, stimulating. A must read."


Stephen C.

"Prelude is an exciting page turner that everyone can enjoy. I picked up this book because of the subject matter: science vs. religion over the topic of reincarnation. I wasn't disappointed. Malakoff's development of the characters and the interweaving of several plot lines make this story my favorite for 2015."


Alexander A.

"A novel of ideas as much as characters, Prelude begins with psychologist Carol Klein’s efforts to understand the source of a patient’s pain. New to a university’s psychology department, Carol quickly runs afoul of Isobel M. Freeman Ph.D., Dean of Behavioral Science Department. Carol has been using hypnosis with her patient Isobel and believes she has made a breakthrough diagnosis. Freeman denigrates both Carol’s methods and her conclusions and advises her to return to more conventional therapy. The method Carol uses is regression therapy or past-life hypnosis. Carol’s determination to defend and further explore regression therapy will carry her into research that quickly turns personal.


Numerous complications ensue, including a contested will, corporate intrigue, smears on Carol’s reputation and tumult in her relationship with boyfriend George Mansbridge III, candidate for the United States House of Representatives. These complications are woven into is a wide-ranging story that taps into psychology, contemporary physics, hypnosis, reincarnation and spirituality, posing numerous provocative questions about life’s most important issues. Well paced and sharply written (although occasionally a little melodramatic), Prelude really took off for me in later chapters when everything moves into the courtroom, and Carol’s regression therapy is put through a courtroom battle akin to the landmark Scopes trial. Tense and heated, the courtroom scenes fascinate as opponents battle for the high ground of truth."


Brenda G.

"I really enjoyed this book, it had me in tears of joy and hope many times. It touched deep parts of my soul, that I wasn't aware was even there. Past lives is a healing way to look at life. I dont know how many times circumstances or people seem so familiar to me for reasons that I can't explain. Or relationships that just work or are so easy of people I dont know very well. Some relationships, no matter how much turmoil, I can't let go of that person out of my life. It is like a part would be missing if they weren't around. I found comfort in the book to help explain my feelings for certain people in my life in my personnel life and at work."


Sally D.

"A very thought provoking book. Well written and hard to put down, with an uplifting message."


Phillip C.

"This was an amazing presentation of understanding that there is more to life than birth, death and grabbing for all of the gusto in between. It is all about the growth of the Soul and this book does an excellent job of presenting that!"


Adelheid M.

"A very interesting book exploring the subject of previous lives. I couldn't put it down. Interesting and unusual. The writing is nicely detailed and paints great pictures of each action. I recommend it highly."


Norene S.

"In the 60s and 70s, I whole-heartedly embraced the idea of reincarnation and then I moved away from it in the 80's and 90's. After reading this book I am inspired at the very least to consider the possibilities once again. Why not? Prelude was an easy read, the character's were believeable and the storyline unique - it would make a great movie."


April J.

"Two authors - one an educator and psychologist, the other a well-traveled journalist and respected marketing executive - have joined forces to focus on a fascinating journey into the world of past-life regression, its viability and potential consequences.

The book is a bit like a rich layer cake - one layer examining theological interpretations of death, another focusing on medical analysis into end-of-life possibilities and yet another examining scientific appeals for empirical evidence that proves reincarnation as an option on a continuing cycle of the life/death process."


Desiree L.

"The story is a very easy read and draws you into the mystery of discovering the age old questions of: where do we go after we die? is there life beyond death? The authors have created a very unique and intriguing stage to challenge the readers to come to their own conclusion to those questions. Can some of us remember our past lives? If we can, are we supposed to retrace our history and past life connections and lay claim on what belonged to us in another life?


What would you do if you know that in a past life, you were a mother, a writer, a dreamer -- who is also the legal heir to a mass fortune? This book takes you on a journey through past and present to discover the answers. In the end, it's up to the reader to decide what to think -- of the ethical values and moral right to claim what belongs to the past - at least within the limitations of space and time in this realm."


Fern V.

"Is your book club looking for a novel that will lead to lively discussions on a variety of topics? If so, the answer is "Prelude" by Cheryl Malakoff and Robert Clampett. The main topic is reincarnation and who wouldn't like to talk about that possibility? However, you can throw in the issues of what compromises it takes to get elected, how toxic waste gets covered, scandals in the Catholic Church, the use of hypnosis in therapy sessions and how legal limits can be stretched when research changes what has always been assumed.

This novel also includes a love story, twisted family traumas and a fascinating trial with a verdict you can hardly wait to hear. What more could a book club want?"


Gaylen B.

"In a riveting courtroom drama, consciousness is put on trial by an unlikely attorney and his client who claims to be the rightful owner of a fortune she inherited from another lifetime. Are there enough solid pieces of scientific evidence to prove a compelling case for reincarnation or is it all a woo-woo, pseudoscientific, religiously dogmatic New Age fantasy? You be the judge as you delve into a beautifully written love story that explores both the material and nonmaterial world. This novel truly is a prelude to the past, present and future. Hint: Once you get to the trial, make sure you have at least an hour before bedtime to read from opening statements to verdict or you will surely lose sleep!"


Larry M.

"Prelude is a well written and intelligent novel that gracefully interweaves deep spiritual teachings with a captivating and unusual story. It both entertains and educates the reader at the same time. The synopsis on Amazon does a good job of outlining this enthralling story. I must warn you, though, that once you start this book, you will have a very hard time putting it down. Be prepared for a few nights with less sleep. This novel, is in fact, more truth then fiction, and is a must read for anyone who wants to understand the purpose of life."


Li-Ting H.

"Who are we? How did we get here? Where are we going? Timeless questions in the exploration of the homo sapien psyche, especially in this weeks news of the discovery of yet another two million old cousin on our family tree. The authors offer a tome to the human spirit in a series of events that represent what the great naturalist Loren Eiseley called a crack in the universe. A break, a chasm in our accepted rational interpretation of human events, when all the rules that govern what we perceive about ourselves and the physical world we inhabit are suspended.

Malakoff and Clampett take us on a twenty first century journey through what it means to be a conscious waking human being confronted with events that defy all that we know to be. And how this state of consciousness, this ability of self-reflection we inherited from our ancestors is more than we ever imagined it to be. For the historians, philosophers, and social critics of the 23rd century trying to interpret this crazy period in the history of our species Prelude will be a signpost in the study of a newly emerging human consciousness."


Hilde R.

"In this well written Novel, you will find more Truth then fiction. When you start reading this book ,I guarantee you will not be able to put it down."


Henry R.

"Intriguing look at different aspects of being. Thought provoking research backs up a suspenseful story line, with some amazing twists. I really enjoyed this book."


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