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The ideas touched upon in Prelude are diverse and thought-provoking. Here are some resource suggestions that may be helpful in providing additional information that expands on this important subject.


Cheryl A. Malakoff Ph.D.

The authors website, Wellness Through Awareness: Aligning Soul, Heart, Mind and Body—offers a revolutionary approach that can transform blockages at the soul, heart, mind and body levels to achieve optimum health, relationships and financial success.


KnoU Profiles

This enlightening site offers personality style reports based on the science of numerology. Extremely insightful and life-inspiring, these reports can help you to realize your true purpose, real strengths and untapped potential to shape your life in more positive ways than you thought possible. It’s like reading a blueprint from your soul, allowing you to more fully understand how special and unique a person you are.


Self Realization Fellowship

Founded in 1920 by Paramahansa Yogananda, SRF is a worldwide fellowship devoted to the discovery of peace, joy and prosperity in everyday life through communion with God, and is devoted to healing of the body, mind and soul.


Soul Healing Institute

Teaches the power of soul, including soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge and practices to empower you to transform every aspect of your life—and to bring love, peace and harmony to yourself and the world.




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Discover the secrets for attaining more love, joy and success in your life!

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