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Gripping Mystery About The Greatest Of All Mysteries Shatters The Myth Of Death

When psychologist Carol Klein is shocked by the spontaneous healing of her patient who unexpectedly relives a catastrophic trauma from a past life, Carol begins an arduous quest seeking answers to this miraculous cure. Driven to discover the truth, she is threatened with dismissal from her post at a prestigious university and jeopardizes her future with her fiancé, a rising attorney groomed for political office by his powerful Boston family.

Undaunted, Carol seeks out Dr. Lee, an Asian physician-mystic and authority in past life research. Under his guidance, her own previous life as heiress-activist Iris Middleton Paulson is revealed in vivid detail—including the existence of an unclaimed inheritance left to Iris, worth millions.

Persuaded by Dr. Lee, Carol’s search takes a new and perilous turn. Against overwhelming odds, she uncovers concrete corroborative evidence that radically alters the playing field. Emboldened, Dr. Lee and Carol enlist the aid of her skeptical fiancé to take a dramatic step, with far-reaching consequences. Together they devise a legal strategy to reclaim Carol’s rightful ownership of the abandoned inheritance by pitting deceased Iris against her still elderly living children.

Risking all, this mismatched trio embark on a trailblazing mission to build a fact-by-fact case to support their legal argument. To succeed, they must prove the implausible claim of reincarnation’s legitimacy in a court of law. A landmark trial follows, setting off a firestorm as riveting testimony from authorities in science, medicine and religion threatens the bedrock pillars that underpin our understanding of life and death—challenging beliefs in a final mortality.

As an electrifying medical/legal mystery with a visionary theme, Prelude seamlessly merges the boundaries of scientific facts with metaphysical beliefs of the ages. Well-researched, this thought provoking page-turner is as entertaining as the evidence is eye-opening... with an unforgettable outcome.

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Prelude: Every Life is a Prelude to the Next, by Cheryl Malakoff and Robert Clampett


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